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Betting on baseball in India: features of the game, tips on tactics

Baseball is a major American sport and, at first glance, quite difficult to understand. Nevertheless, it can be a good option for betting in India, where this direction is also interesting. We will introduce you to this sport, which came to Indian bookmakers not so long ago.

Basic rules of baseball

Baseball has different leagues, but the game is played by 2 teams, alternating between defense and offense. There are 9 players on the field on defense: the pitcher, the catcher, and 7 other people assigned to strategic spots on the field. The main task is to catch the ball. By the way, even more information on this topic is published on mega-news.in.

The game is played in 9 innings. The innings is divided into half innings. The half inning ends when 3 batters (players with a bat) are removed. An inning ends when both teams alternate between offense and defense.

If teams are tied at the end of 9 innings, there are extra innings to determine the winner. Traditionally, the home team defends first.

Key features of the game

The batter’s job in most cases is to hit the ball safely to advance the bases. If the player with the bat gets on base before the ball, he is safe. But if the ball gets on base before the runner does, he is out of the game.

At the first base and home plate, the batter only has to get on base before the ball appears. At second and third base, the player must make contact with the base, so some players dive head or feet forward to touch base before they are out of the game.

Once on base, the player with the bat is no longer a batsman, but a runner. His goal is to advance to the plate. His progress depends on the results of his teammates, who have become batters and take turns hitting in a set order before the game begins. Some fast players may also attempt to steal a base.

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A run is scored when a fielder returns to home plate (fourth base) after touching three other bases counterclockwise. A batter who throws the ball out of the infield gets a run, or even more if there are other runners on base: it’s a home run, otherwise known as a grand slam when the bases are full (done for 4 runs).

How to bet on baseball in India

This sport offers you many possibilities in terms of betting. You can find this information in sports news. Betting on baseball can be fun, as there are many lucrative bets each season. A large number of Major League Baseball games is impressive.

Indeed, there are at least 162 games each season, not counting the playoffs, with teams in the United States playing almost 1 game a day for 7 months of the year.

Unfortunately, most games don’t offer interesting opportunities or odds, because baseball is a rather difficult sport for Russians to understand, with lots of possible combinations.

But if you focus on team form and especially on the play of batters and pitchers, then you can bet every day and try to find opportunities to win daily.

Single Line Betting

Unlike many other American sports, the most popular type of bet in baseball is the 1 line bet. You bet on 1 of 2 teams to win.

But you must remember an important factor. The difference in level between a good team and a bad team is not as great in baseball as it is in other sports. The challenger team wins 40% of the time. Indeed, with “only” 60% of wins, a team can win a championship. Keep this in mind.

In baseball, predicting every game is harder than if you were betting on soccer or tennis. This explains why even experienced bettors don’t risk betting on teams with odds that are too close.

Why it’s important to evaluate a pitcher’s influence

In baseball, pitchers play a crucial role and determine a team’s chances of winning. Sometimes you can see pitchers who are expected to start a game with a ranking based on whether or not they will start the game.

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The pitchers are listed in the betting list if you open the event betting page. Also, regardless of which pitcher starts the game, bookmakers offer bets on the outcome of the game as a whole.

Betting on baseball in India: basic tips for winning

It is important to accurately assess the fitness of each pitcher, especially those most likely to start the game. If pitchers are listed on the betting list on the bookmaker’s website, there is a good reason for this.

Although quarterbacks have an impact on the game in American soccer, in no sport other than baseball is there a player with as much of an impact on the game as the pitcher.

That said, don’t get hung up on which pitcher starts the game. These players lose their influence on the game season after season. Currently, the starters don’t go more than 6 innings.

How does this translate into the game? Almost a third of pitches in baseball is thrown by auxiliary pitchers, which is 30%. This is an important factor to consider. Therefore, after examining the form of starting pitchers, you must also examine the quality and effectiveness of reliever pitchers. If you analyze the factor of their value, it will provide you with an advantage.

Choosing baseball betting is beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • A large number of games per season;
  • Statistics, indeed, can help find a profitable bet;
  • The player has access to reliable data about the teams;
  • The influence of the pitchers on the course of the game reduces the luck factor.

However, there are several disadvantages:

  • the favorite wins only 60% of the time;
  • the time difference, which makes it difficult to follow games and bet live;
  • The pitchers can be out of shape, which can make your bet lose;
  • the rules are difficult to understand and a different culture for a Russian, which can confuse or distort your judgment;
  • A long learning curve, will not always allow you to get an immediate return on your investment.
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However, if you choose a good bookmaker in India, you won’t have any problems with finding statistics.

Which bookmaker to bet with

You will be able to find baseball betting with most bookmakers registered with the regulator of Curacao. This is a reputable company that serves almost all gambling clubs in India. You should study the odds yourself or use a quote comparator to determine which office is best to bet with.

When choosing a bookmaker, it is also worth evaluating a few nuances:

  • Bonus program. Users at bookmaker clubs can play with an advantage. To do this, it is not necessary to deposit a lot of money. Players are encouraged to activate free bets through promo codes. You can find the coupon on the official website of the bookmaker or Telegram channels.
  • Support service. It is always better to work with a bookmaker who has real support. Only then you can count on good feedback. Questions arise even with professionals, so the reaction of the administration becomes decisive.
  • Margin. Bookmakers earn at the expense of the odds difference. The advantage of betting on sports in India is that here most betting clubs introduce minimal margin. This means that the odds even on predictable matches go up to the maximum. The user can win from bets as little as a few Indian rupees.
  • License. The bookmaker is not registered in India. Betting is not allowed at all in this country. However, online betting is not regulated by anyone. But this does not mean that a bookmaker should not have a certificate from the regulator. Today, most Indian clubs are registered on the island of Curacao. If the information about the license is not hidden, then the bookmaker can be trusted.
  • Payment limits. The player does not have any difficulties if you can withdraw money from 100 INR. Some bookmakers overstate this threshold several times. A beginner with a minimum budget gets into a difficult situation.

Figuring out the range of betting clubs is easiest through independent rankings. In these selections, you can compare several platforms, and look at welcome bonuses and other types of promotions. By the way, losing in sports betting in India is also profitable. Every reputable club has a system with cashback. Users can get a portion of the money back once a week.

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