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How modern Entertainment is Changing our Lives

People have always needed and loved entertainment! To this day, people of all ages often spend their free time being entertained – or actively entertaining themselves. In the old days, however, this usually looked different; today, we have numerous digital means at our disposal. Modern entertainment has changed and enriched our lives across the board. There are also shortcomings in some places, such as when a person becomes too fixated on the virtual world. But the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. 

Entertainment in the past and today

In the very old days, people had meager means for recreational fun, and yet there was usually no boredom. Exciting stories around the campfire or fireside were among the main forms of entertainment, along with simple games using bones, stones and branches as materials. Sports games of all kinds have also always existed, whether in teams or in individual competition. But let’s not forget that hundreds of years ago people had to work a lot more, so there was comparatively little time left for pleasure.

Today, things are a little different: We have much more free time besides work, two-day weekends instead of just one, and an enormously much wider range of activities. The old classics are still around today, for example theater and concerts, but also plain dice and card games. Add to that the digital options, from Candy Crush to Fortnight to the virtual gaming venues with their flashing slot machines and live poker tables. 

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Entertainment is more diverse and convenient

So, entertainment has become much more diverse as a result of digitization. And there is still the choice of additionally enjoying oneself in the analog space, for example in a local casino or at home with friends playing Monopoly or Ludo. At the same time, access to entertainment is much more convenient today. Almost everyone owns at least a cell phone, and many also have a PC or console at home. In just a few seconds, the desired game appears on the display and off you go. 

The situation is similar for watching movies. In the past, people had to go to the cinema to see movies, which was inconvenient and relatively expensive. Then came the television, followed by the VCR and video stores. The latter were a revelation for all movie fans, finally they could choose their movies at will and organize whole movie nights in the living room. The fact that at some point you wouldn’t even have to walk or drive to the video store to rent a movie was unimaginable at the time. Rewind, return within 24 hours: None of that is even necessary today. The films stream into the house via the Internet, more diverse than in any video store. So right after work, you can hit the couch without having to take a detour. 

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Modern entertainment is also more inclusive

With digitization, entertainment has also become more inclusive. Now really everyone can join in, whether poor or rich, old or young, healthy, sick or disabled. Cheap used cell phones are a dime a dozen, and an Internet flat rate costs far less than a pack of cigarettes. Almost anyone who likes can afford it. Now the wheelchair user takes part in digital sports competitions, the senior citizen engages in a hot battle with his grandchildren, and the hermit in the lonely cabin visits the casino every day – even though the nearest town is eternally far away. 

The new type of games also eliminates the need for analog meetings. Physical appointments are no longer necessary, cumbersome routes and appointments are a thing of the past. Instead, people meet spontaneously on the Internet, not only with friends and acquaintances, but also with complete strangers. People from different continents, from all corners of the earth, stream together into a team and compete together against the villain. No one has to get on a plane, make a long and expensive trip, and possibly take many days to do it. It’s enough to simply switch on the device and the joint adventure is just around the corner. 




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