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How to see liked posts on Instagram 2022

Instagram, is of the largest platform on social media, has millions of monthly users. What started as a basic sharing app has grown into a giant that supports a range of material formats across posts. In addition to viewing posts, the interaction of users with the site is in different ways, which includes likes or comments. Instagram monitors user activity.

These most recent user activities include comments and likes, and all the other are user-generated content. Users can now view all the posts or a particular post they liked. For those who are not aware, the Like button, which is a heart icon, is to show gratitude to an Instagram post. This feature is available for a while. With a recent upgrade, Instagram modified and made the procedure a bit complicated, though. So, you want to see posts you’ve liked? Maybe you could not find the liked posts section or the recently liked posts or maybe previously liked photos? Here’s a guideline to find the Instagram posts you liked on Instagram 2022 and the way to see your liked posts on Instagram 2022. View posts history directly or certain posts on the Instagram account. You do not have to manually search, there are not many users that still do that to find posts, and recent photos.

Why Is It Useful to Have the Option to View Instagram Liked Posts?

The opportunity to review posts you’ve liked could be helpful. It might purposefully be a reminder for things you want to browse again sometime later. Additionally, it can be a repository for any different accounts you come across and want to learn more about. This feature is helpful for flagging many Instagram posts that we want to go back and read again or in-depth. You can instantaneously un-like a post using this feature in addition to these programs. Because of this feature, Instagram likes can be used for purposes other than merely showing gratitude.

How to Use the Android App to View Liked Posts on the Instagram app

As mentioned, an update to the Instagram mobile app has changed how users may view previously liked posts. On the Instagram Android app, the newest technique for viewing liked posts is as follows:

  • 1. Simply install & launch the Instagram app and select the Instagram Profile tab by clicking on the profile symbol in the bottom-right corner.
  • 2. Follow three horizontal lines and select the hamburger icon in the left corner of the screen on top.
  • 3. Choose an activity.
  • 3. Select Interactions. 
  • 4. Then, select Likes.

You may access the posts, reels, and videos you’ve liked using the Android app here.

How to Use the iOS App to View Liked Posts on the Instagram app

The technique is similar to how Android works. You may use the iOS app to retrieve your most recent liked Instagram posts by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Instagram app, after that select the Profile from the drop-down menu in the lower corner of the display on the right.
  2. On the Profile tab’s upper left-hand side, click the three-line burger menu button.

3 Choose an activity.

  1. Click the menu item Interactions.
  2. Just select Likes.

Additionally, you can order the most popular posts by date and in either rising or decreasing order.

How to Use a Desktop Browser to Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Using a web browser or website, there is presently no official way to see all of the liked Instagram posts. This is due to Instagram’s online version’s functionality limitations. On a computer, you can access all of your Instagram likes using unapproved workarounds and a web client.

Use Chrome Extension “Layoutify” to View Instagram Liked Posts

Instagram is a phone-focused platform that it isn’t best suited for platforms with larger screens. Even though it is not the original layout but offers basic functionality, Instagram.com‘s design can be modified with the Layoutify extension for browsers built on the Chromium platform and Google Chrome. A few functions that would not otherwise be available on the web version/desktop version are also added by this extension through chrome browser. Viewing the liked posts is a feature of one of these capabilities. The steps that should be followed to install this extension use that feature:

  • 1. open Chrome Extension Page. . Find and Click “Add to Chrome” on “Layoutify”

2.Go with “Add extension”.

  1. Chrome should begin installing the extension after it is downloaded. When t he plugin was recently installed, and you will receive a notice.
  2. Visit Instagram.com having installed the plug in. You’ll see a completely different design. Click the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. A fresh window will open. This tab contains all of the articles you’ve enjoyed.

You can see your liked posts including reels, and videos on the Instagram website by using this alternative technique.

These are a few easy ways for viewing Instagram posts that you’ve liked.

Unlike Multiple Posts on Instagram account

How to Like Multiple Instagram Posts

Traditionally, you could manually unlike posts one at a time by opening them. You can, however, unlike numerous Instagram posts at once.

  1. Go to your Android or iOS applications and go to the Liked Posts area.
  2. Press the post you wish to unlike long.
  3. Tap on the posts that you wish to unlike, then choose Unlike.
  4. Select “Unlike.”

This eliminates the need to search for a specific post to dislike.

How many posts you’ve liked? How much of it can you see?

Looking to know how many liked posts are available? You may only view the 300 most recent photographs and videos you have put a like on at a time, according to Instagram. After that, you must manually navigate to the post to view the older Likes.

How can I hide the Instagram likes count?

The steps below can be used to hide the number of likes on your Instagram posts:

Navigate to the Profile tab.

Toggle the hamburger menu on.

Choose Settings.

Choose privacy

Select Posts.

Turn on the toggle to hide the Like and View counts.

Now you may appreciate material without being deterred by statistics like counts.

Why am I unable to view liked Instagram posts?

If you’re questioning why you can’t see the Instagram posts you’ve liked, it’s because Instagram just changed the app and got rid of the tab that displayed activity. You may still find posts that you liked, though. Launch the Instagram app, go to the Profile page, select Your activity from the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. Here, select Interactions, then tap on Likes.

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