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Every Major Details Regarding Upcoming Dota 2 Tournament 2022

As, Valve has announced that it will be hosting its own Dota 2 tournament in 2022, the International 20. The 10th iteration of the annual event is set to be held at a yet-to-be-announced location somewhere in Texas.

The base prize pool for this year’s edition was $15 million, but thanks to community contributions, it has risen to $25 million so far. Yet no new details have been given on how the prize pool will be funded this year.

When are Dota 2 Tournaments Schedued to begin?

The International 20 is scheduled for August 2nd, 2022. The qualifiers are scheduled to start in February, but no further details were given. Only a few teams have confirmed their technician this time at Dota 2 Tournament . Even Virtus. Pro has already declined their invitation, but Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Natus Vincere have confirmed to join the tournament.

The qualifiers will be held in North America this year to comply with the event’s location. Valve has given a statement that they would like to encourage international participation in next year’s Dota 2 tournament if possible.

Other Announcement for Dota 2 Tournament:-

As far as competition goes, this year’s event is expected to be somewhat lackluster since Valve has announced that they will not be introducing any new heroes in the game. The move is aimed at reducing hero spamming during matches and encouraging players to explore other characters in the roster.

We might see a slight increase in hero usage from some players, but I don’t think it will be significant enough to change the outcome of matches significantly. Even back to back computer Dota 2 tournament with no new heroes are going to get kind of boring. 

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It’s pretty obvious that Valve is trying to pander to the casual players in this decision, but it might affect competitive Dota 2 negatively. The prize pool is likely to be increased by community contributions for next year, but it won’t be anywhere near what we saw last year.

Upcoming Dota 2 Tournament Prize Pool: 

Valve is planning to hold a $1 million Dota 2 tournamnet prize pool in 2021. The event will be hosted somewhere in Europe, and we might see the return of the Championship title at this event.

What is the pointing system for this particular Dota 2 Tournament?

Dota 2 Tournament  scores are, of course, an index of a team’s performance throughout the year.  This is the system through which the 96 professional teams from the Level 1 professional scene are filtered into the 18 teams that participate in IT each year.

The Dota 2 Tournament  annual sports calendar is divided into two seasons.  Six simultaneous Valve-sponsored regional tournaments are held throughout the season.

These six-week leagues are held between the 18 best teams in the region, which are divided into upper and lower divisions.  The last two teams in the lower division are relegated from the league at the end of the season.  To allow new squads to enter the Tier 1 radar, these slots are opened for two teams from the Open Qualifiers.

The best teams in the league table then go head-to-head with the Dota 2 tournament  to wrap up the season.  This year, for example, in March, the ONE Esports Singapore Major concluded the first season of the DPC.

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Details of Teams that have received an invitation for Dota 2 Tournament:

NiP has declined their invitation: VP, Team Secret, and Cloud 9 have confirmed their participation at the event. The qualifiers are scheduled to start in January 2021, with no further details being provided. It will be interesting to see how the reduced hero pool in the upcoming International affects competitive Dota 2 in general.

Why are TI direct invites closed for Dota 2 Tournament?

Near the end of this year’s second season, there has been a lot of speculation about which teams will get seats at TI.  This precarious position was created due to the tension of points from ninth to thirteenth place in the DPC standings.

The South American team failed to qualify for the playoffs at Beastcoast Animator.  The two playoff seeds Alliance and Team Aster were eliminated from the tournament, losing both their upper division and lower division matchups.

At the end of the Lower Pool Round 1 playoffs, the four Dota 2 tournament Pro teams (Alliance, Team Aster, Beastcoast, Thunder Predators) were ranked 9-12 on the DPC rankings each with 800 points.  They all exited Animator with no bonus points.  This meant that any one of the many results in the Dota 2 AniMajor playoffs could change the balance of the leaderboards.

Team Nigma could have received a direct invitation to TI if they had made it to the AniMajor Grand Final. However, with the firing of Nigma after a two-to-zero shutout at the hands of Evil Geniuses, DPC’s top 12 ranks remain stagnant.

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