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Things to Do First As A New Destiny 2 Player

How do you master a game that has been out for half a decade? There are so many overlapping systems spread across progression, loot, and gameplay that one would have to spend a lot of time trying to learn all of that. But what if there was an ultimate guide that could tell you the things that you needed to know first? Luckily, there’s an article about it. It’s much easier to read than your out of the woodworks guide-it has all of the information you need grouped together nicely into categories, so that even if you don’t have the time to read the full text, you can just skim through the paragraphs and still learn a few valuable things.

So, why are these sorts of articles still popular 6 years after the release of the game? Well, believe it or not, the game doesn’t get any simpler with each update. If anything, the opposite is true. As such, new mechanics and features get added regularly. For instance, one of the latest additions to the game is the new crafting system that lets players create their own versions of weapons. How to do it and how the blueprints work is a different story. But whether new players should jump into the game and start using crafting is a valid question. If you have similar questions, that article will answer all of them.

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