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Unzip Files on Server Using Unzipper.php Script | Guide

In this tutorial, I am going to share the simple trick to unzip files on server. For that, you need to download the small PHP script.

You can download the PHP script in this article. Did you have tried to upload a lot of folders to the server? If yes surely you will know that how much time the files take to upload on the server.

unzip files remote server

If you upload the ZIP file then the file will be uploaded quickly comparing to the normal files. To resolve this issue, I found a wonderful PHP script to unzip files on server.

Note:- If you are using the shared hosting with Cpanel means then you have an option to unzip/compress files option default so you don’t need to use this script.

Step By Step Guide: Unzip Files on Server Using PHP Script

For example, I am going to use the Filezilla FTP Client. Download the Unzipper.php script using the below download button.

Upload the unzipper.php script into the server using FTP Client. Then simply access the unzipper.php script.

I have uploaded the two files into my server.

  1. Unzipper Php Script
  2. Zip File(Name: CSS)
compress files server

The script will show the zip files in the dropdown. Choose the file you want to unzip and click unzip archive button.

unzip files server

Finally, refresh your server. You will see the files are uncompressed. The script won’t show any progress and the script will uncompress files within few seconds. That’s the power of this PHP script.

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Final Words

I hope this article helps you to unzip and compress files on the remote server. According to my experience, this is an easy way. If you know any other alternative methods please let us know via comments. Sharing is caring! Share this article with others to help them.

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