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How To Make The Best Playlist For Your Partner

There was this beautiful era in our lives when we made mixtapes for each other!

Where we placed all our favorite tunes!

Or tunes that reminded us the most about our partners, things we would like to convey throughhttps://articlesposting.com/ the magic of music and lyrics.

Now, it’s all about sliding into social media DMS.  visit here

Not that it is something wrong, but once in a while, we all wish to make some of those gestures.

Old school!



So, why not send that mixtape.

Yes, we know!

Mixtapes are almost obsolete now. However, we can send the modern form of a mixtape. No matter what the era is, good music will always be good food for our souls!

Thus, if you want to send your significant other something special for a special day, and you are finding it difficult to get a personalized gift, then we would suggest that you get them a ‘mix tape.’

Need some advice?

Not at issues!

Where Can You Download The Songs

Nowadays, streaming services are big, and if you do not decide to spend a few dollars to get subscribed to these applications, there is a possibility that your partner has to deal with loads of ads before they can play the tune.

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Isn’t that a serious mood killer?

This is one of the reasons why you should always go download this music. Get them in a folder, and give them a Pendrive.

Rather than sharing a playlist over social media!

Let’s be a little more old school.

So, download these tunes absolutely for free from the thenewpiratebay

This is a decentralized peer-to-peer domain where you can simply type anything on the search engine and get movies, series, e-books, music, and softwares for free.

What Are The Main Elements Of A Mix Tape

Now, when you are thinking of giving your man or lady a mixtape, there is a lot of experimentation you can do.

You have the permit for technology!

So, why not have a playlist which has a sub playlist within. You can mention different scenarios and list the music underneath.

What Are The Different Playlists You Should Choose For Your Partner

These are some of the categories in which you could be making your playlist masterpiece. 

1. “Weird Ways To Say I Love You”

There are some songs that are extremely romantic, but if you are the kind that has quirky love as well.

The kind that says, ‘I hate you but I love you.’

Then you should give them this playlist. This is not the mushy kind; this is the fun playlist.

Like ‘Anyone else but you’re by the Moldy Peaches. Or, ‘True Love’ By Pink.

2. “Songs That Remind Me Off You”

There are some songs that you cannot finish without thinking, ‘Wow this is so much like him/her.’

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This is probably the best playlist that you will be sending to your partner because nothing could be better than sending them songs that make them feel special in the eyes of their partner.

If they are having a bad day, this will make their day!

3. “Songs When I Miss You”

This is the perfect playlist to add some classics to it.

Like the aesthetic songs from the 60s like ‘Missing You’ by Steve Perry.

Yes, you know what we are talking about.


If you are missing them, this playlist will definitely make them miss you as well. Yes, the feelings projected from these tunes are pretty mutual 

4. “Songs For The Naughty Times”

This is probably an exciting playlist.

In the era of nude images, you can easily get them all hot and heavy with just a simple playlist.

Doja cats & The Weekend are a must-have in this playlist.

Music When Words Aren’t Enough!

Music is the language of love when actual words are not enough!

There will be times when you need to communicate with your partner about your love or how sorry you are

Sending them a playlist with the most melodious tunes will only help you convince them about your love.

Plus, the way they are going to feel special is incomparable!

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