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Loris Karius: his own enemy?

The Champions League Final is the most important match of the season for European football. Flamboyant performances guarantee eternal fame, and unsuccessful games guarantee oblivion. For this reason Jerzy Dudek, Jimi Traore, Vladimir Schmitser and Divok Origi will always be remembered at Liverpool.

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Liverpool withstood the blow and returned stronger than before. Success followed, but without Carius – it took 65 million pounds to spend on Alisson. And even though a lot of time has passed since then, the German goalkeeper still continues to think about the events of May 26, 2018.

The medical examination showed that when the German gave the ball to Benzema without a fight, he had a concussion – not long before that Sergio Ramos hit him on the head with his elbow.

“For us, this is not an excuse, but an explanation,” said Klopp, who promised that he would return Carius. There are other excuses for his troublesome performances: According to Turkish magazine Fotospor, Karius has referred to Turkish stadium coverage many times in his career.

That final in Kiev remains the German’s last match for Liverpool. There will be no next.

After spending three seasons on loan at Besiktas in Turkey and Union at home, Karius was never able to impress. For this reason, the 28-year-old goalkeeper remains without a new contract in 2021. As you know, he received an offer from Basel, but then he could not agree on the terms of a personal contract. The Swiss club then offered a loan, but the player refused to donate most of his salary. “We do not criticize Loris – this is his choice,” the club noted.

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Thus, the footballer was left without the first half of the 2021/22 season. Liverpool have long turned their backs on him, and the player does not even hope to play – instead, goalkeeping coach John Achterberg will work with him.

Not so long ago, the goalkeeper was allowed to leave for Berlin to undergo treatment – he injured his shoulder in the preseason. The coaching staff spoke flatteringly about the professionalism of the player who trained with Liverpool in Austria. But praise means nothing: at Liverpool he remains the fourth goalkeeper, behind Alisson, Adrian and Kuivin Kelleher.

His story is the story of a very painful fall. It remains only to understand whether he is a victim of circumstances, or his main enemy is himself.

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