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How online courses has led to the increase in entrepreneurs in the education market

The educational market is considered to be one of the most profitable markets in the world owing to the fact that education is a basic need and is important to be provided to every individual to provide them with an opportunity to improve their lives. It is true that with education that an individual can walk towards improving their standard of living and increase their earning abilities. Education provides individuals with an opportunity to learn new skills which can later be implemented to provide better knowledge and services to the rest of the masses. In the last few years the education sector has undergone a significant amount of changes with the start of online education. Besides online education, there has also been a significant increase in platforms to create and sell online courses to interested parties. In most cases these online courses are developed with the objective of providing additional support to the students so that they can enhance their knowledge base and thereby become more effective in the classroom. It is important to highlight that it was the sudden start of the covid-19 pandemic that made online education popular and accepted across all major platforms of education in the world. It also led to the development of a new market that resulted in the creation of new online courses based on the curriculum of the students being taught in the classroom. This also led to the development of a new market economy and the rise in entrepreneurs investing in different forms of online education so that the students can be provided with a positive experience in the form of interactive content and encourage them to enhance their knowledge base. The Rise and Entrepreneurs were mostly seen in the online courses that were being offered to the students that consisted of courses in subjects of Science and Technology, mathematics and computer languages, Social Sciences and art, as well as advanced concepts of psychology and economics.  These online courses are curated keeping in mind the needs of the students and how it could enhance their knowledge base. In most cases it is important to address that there is no best platform to sell courses online at present as most of the entrepreneurs who have entered this business have been continuously implementing changes so that strong experience can be provided to the students when it comes to the learning process.

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It is important to state that an increase in entrepreneurs in an economy has positive implications as it highlights the growth of the economy and thereby provides them with an opportunity to improve their infrastructure facilities. Moreover, most of these entrepreneurs have addressed the issue of finance and economic backgrounds of students thereby curating courses that can be easily undertaken by students who do not have the financial means to learn about concepts from other areas.Hence, most of these online courses are cost-effective and some are even free thereby enabling individuals from poor economic background to be provided with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding so that they can perform better in school and colleges. An increase in entrepreneurs also points to the fact that the economy is improving and providing employment opportunities to other individuals thereby raising the per capita income of individuals. In most cases, this business being online has also enabled employment to be provided in the form of work from home basis thereby ensuring that individuals can provide that based work from the comfort of their own homes. Hence, all of these factors have made online education businesses lucrative and exciting.

Role of government in providing better opportunities to new entrepreneurs

It is important to a drug that the government can play a significant role in encouraging its entrepreneurs to continue their business by providing them with a much needed support in the form of subsidies and other initiatives. The support of the government will ensure that the entrepreneurs are provided with the required resources that will enable them to expand their business and also improve the educational sector of the society. Hence, it can be stated that all of these factors will contribute towards the positive development of the economy.

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