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What are the ways students can revise the concepts without feeling overwhelmed?

We are aware that most of the time there’s a golden way to revise for everyone as we see that teachers are going to help the students find it. It also needs an effective Learning management system as well to keep at it. They must be prepared to take the quiz to find out how they should revise. We know that not just one for the crammers, but the advice of teachers can be on how to revise in a week is also a good guide if they want to spend a week focusing on one or two topics. We see that most of the time it is full of top tips, and student advice as well as some amount of time as well. We often see that rather than simply reading quickly over the sometimes-dull texts they have got to study, they may take a more active role by making Q cards with their own questions as well. We see that they should cover all the information in the text as well. We are aware that these questions can then be used for self-testing or get a friend/family member to quiz them if they get it wrong, as the answers are on the back as well. We also see that bright colors help make this bit more fun too as well as organizing their subjects as well. We see that as they are studying, they must stop every few minutes to recap what they have read. They can go ahead and write a short summary which is of a few sentences in their notes as well or at the bottom of the page. They can also go ahead and use their own words. We know that a good way of recalling is writing their notes down from memory as well as then going back over them and filling in the gaps with another color of pencil or pen. We know that they will know the different color refers to information that might have trouble remembering. We see that when they are answering past exams or test papers within the same time limit, then they can be as the real exam or test will give them an opportunity to test themselves under the same constraints. We see that it will be a chance to see whether there are gaps in their knowledge that they need to go back over and it’ll also be useful to see if they can get down all that they want to say in the time allotted. We see that they can also practice under timed conditions by using a timer, which could be on their phone. If they take breaks regularly, then their concentration will be better and they will find themselves retaining more information than if they try to plow straight through. They must remember to not waste energy and time revising with an over-tired mind that won’t remember what it just read as well. They can go ahead and find a suitable group of good students who hope to succeed, as well as schedule regular meetings in between their other revision activities. They can also discuss the topics of revision, by helping each other solve problems, understand the materials, as well as test one another over the reading. We see that studying in a group can be a great way of reducing anxiety levels as well as making revision fun, as well as productive at the same time. We see that their family can help support them even when they cannot understand what they are learning. They can go ahead and ask them to test them clarify problems for them, read with them, and help them to stay organized. We see that parents and siblings who have already experienced revision will have some good ideas to help them prepare. Moreover, we see that family and friends can be good moral support when they are feeling down or anxious about the revision as well. They can also spend time doing something relaxing each day, such as listening to their favorite music, going for a walk or swimming, spending time with their pets, or talking with a good friend as well. The lms portal can be of great help as well for the students in this case.

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